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ME/CFS/PFVS Organisations

25% M.E. Group
A group for the severely affected/housebound/bedbound

Action for ME
MKMEG is affiliated to this national organisation

Association of Young People with ME (AYME)
A group for the under 25's  -  national but based in Milton Keynes

BRAME (Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)
BRAME sells the blue ribbons we wear to promote greater awareness and understanding of ME/CFS.

ME Association
Another national organisation  -  based in Buckingham

MECHAT is an on-line email support group.
To subscribe, contact
For useful information without subscribing, contact

ME Research UK
This is a national UK charity funding biomedical research into ME/CFS.

ME Support
ME Support is a friendly informal online community. The website covers many aspects of ME, and offers services including a chat room and message forum.

Partnership for Research in CFS and ME (PRIME)
This is a collaboration between patients, carers, researchers and service providers who share a commitment to improving our understanding of ME/CFS.

Revolution Health
This is a website which gives details of how highly people rate different treatments for various illnesses, including ME/CFS.

Fibromyalgia Organisations

Fibro Friends
A group offering support for FMS and Chronic Pain Syndrome sufferers and their families in a social setting.

Fibromyalgia Association UK or

UK Fibromyalgia Support
An internet chat-site

Carers' Organisations

Milton Keynes Carers Project
This is a local organisation offering help and advice to carers in Milton Keynes.

Disability Organisations

Ability Online
A website for people with disabilities of any kind

Benefits and Work
An organisation you need to subscribe to; provides useful information about claiming benefits and health insurance.
Often this is hard-to-find information giving the 'inside story' to dealing with these sometimes complex processes. 

This is an organisation which runs surveys about current affairs, issues in the news etc. You might like to visit their site and add your opinion about health or other issues.

The Optimum Health Clinic
The Optimum Health Clinic is an award winning integrative health clinic specialising in ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia.
[Information packs in our Library...]/Fibromyalgia
Address:  Bickerton House, 25-27 Bickerton Road, Dartmouth Park, London N19 5JT
Phone:  0845 226 1762

The Therapy Directory
A site to go to for a wide range of Complementary Therapies
Phone:  01276 301242

Facebook and Twitter
These social networking sites may have many contacts referring to ME/CFS/FMS/PVFS...   If you find useful information please let us know.

This page was last updated in October 2011

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